Gauteng Legislature Information Management System Fails

After R20 million of public funds have been wasted, a forensic audit will be carried out on a dysfunctional IT system in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL). The Legislature Information Management System (LIMS), implemented by troubled vendor Faritec, was a project meant to automate a variety of processes and functions within the institution to improve […]

Why do IT projects fail?

“Most ICT4D projects fail as they aren’t based on a real demand or need from Africans themselves, rather they are driven by outside (EU/US) organisations.” Alex Little summarising Tim Unwin at e-learning Africa in Lusaka, 28 May 2010

Botswana M&E system aborted

Escalating contractor costs have led the Botswana Government to terminate a P55m ($7,6m) contract with Accenture for the development of  an M&E system that would have helped it to monitor the implementation of development projects. The contract was agreed in 2008 to serve the Government Implementation Coordinating Office (GICO) – a department falling directly under […]

$5m wasted on Kenyan National Social Security Fund

In 2006 the Kenyan National Social Security Fund (NSSF) launched a new human resource management, payroll and financial accounting system at a cost of Sh510 million. According to lead consultants Innovex DC it involved “implementation of, perhaps, the largest ICT infrastructure in the region”. This week the NSSF issued a new tender – to develop […]

Question Box

Question Boxes bring information to people who cannot or do not access the Internet directly. Question Boxes leap over illiteracy, computer illiteracy, lack of networks, and language barriers. They provide immediate, relevant information to people using their preferred mode of communication: speaking and listening. As such, Question Boxes combine the ease of using mobile phones […]

Ujima Project

The Ujima Project is a collection of databases, documents and other information that attempts to bring transparency to the workings and spending of Africa governments, multinational non-governmental organizations and business enterprise in African countries. Because few African countries have freedom of information laws, getting at this information from inside the countries can be difficult. The […]