Botswana M&E system aborted

Escalating contractor costs have led the Botswana Government to terminate a P55m ($7,6m) contract with Accenture for the development of  an M&E system that would have helped it to monitor the implementation of development projects. The contract was agreed in 2008 to serve the Government Implementation Coordinating Office (GICO) – a department falling directly under […]

Botswana: No system to deal with gun crime

The Commissioner of Police in Gaborone, Thebeyame Tsimako, says the use of illegal arms in criminal activities has increased in Botswana but the lack of a database of registered weapons is hindering police efforts to deal with the situation. A recent report concluded that there is a pressing need for the introduction of a database […]

African Elections Portal stimulates blogging in Botswana

The African Elections Portal, started as a West African project, has expanded to Southern Africa and is monitoring the elections taking place in Botswana today. It is hosting sixteen first-time bloggers as part of its monitoring process.