Demographically Identifiable Information

Demographically Identifiable Information, or DII, is defined as either individual and/or aggregated data points that allow inferences to be drawn that enable the classification, identification, and/or tracking of both named and/or unnamed individuals, groups of individuals, and/or multiple groups of individuals according to ethnicity, economic class, religion, gender, age, health condition, location, occupation, and/or other demographically defining factors. DII can […]

De-anonymizing D4D Datasets

Paper by Kumar Sharad and George Danezis at 2013 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium Recent research on de-anonymizing datasets of anonymized personal records has not deterred organizations from releasing personal data, often with ingenuous attempts at defeating de-anonymization. Studying such techniques provides scientific evidence as to why anonymization of high dimensional databases is hard and throws light on what kinds of techniques […]