Rwanda: High Internet, SMS Costs Slow Rural Project

High Internet and SMS costs may slow rolling out Rwanda’s e-soko project, it is emerging. The e-soko or e-market is an electronic platform giving farmers, consumers and traders up-to-date market price information by SMS and Internet. However, when a team from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) staff and selected media houses visited Kicukiro market in Kigali […]

New soil information service for researchers and farmers

The African Soil Information System (AfSIS) is developing a map to show soil conditions across the continent. The service will help to identify the risk of soil degradation, how to prevent it and how to restore land where soil fertility is already depleted. AfSIS takes advantage of recent advances in digital soil mapping, remote sensing, […]

Livestock Marketing Database for Sudan

GRM International has this year delivered a Livestock Marketing Database to the Government of Sudan’s Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries as part of the World Bank’s Improving Livestock Production and Marketing Project. The system appears to have been developed at a reasonable cost (less than $100,000), but I wonder why a new system had […]