Malawi: connecting national ID to voter registration

Registration of voters will be easy and faster for those with national IDs as it will just involve establishing if the holder is the right owner of the card and then scanning the card on the registration machine to capture the details of the registrant. As explained before, the MEC will conduct voter registration despite the national citizen registration carried out by the National Registration Bureau (NRB).

The Commission will conduct voter registration so that it has actual figures of all people expected to vote in 2019 and where they will vote. This helps in logistical planning like how many ballot papers to print, staff to employ and deploy, and to easily determine quantities of all other materials and equipment that will be needed. For 2019, MEC will ride on the biometric registration done by NRB to produce quality voters’ register which eliminates challenges that have been faced in the past like misspelled names, multiple registrations and misplaced photos among others.

Source: Keep your national ID safe: To be used for voting in Malawi election 2019 | Malawi Nyasa Times – Malawi breaking news in Malawi