Malawi: 9 million registered with national IDs

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika announced Thursday that over 9 million Malawians have registered during the national identity registration exercises which took place from May to October this year.

Speaking during the official announcement of mass registration statistics and handing over of registration campaign and operations to the Malawi Government at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, Mutharika said this figure is a 100 percent representation against the initial targeted population.

The exact figure of Malawians who have registered stands at 9, 186, 689.

He said the National ID card is a game changer that will deal with a number of anomalies in public service delivery.

“With a legal identity of every citizen, government will now flash out ghost workers from the public service and save more money,” he said.

Mutharika added that with the National ID, every citizen can now access banking services because banks will feel secure in dealing with legally identifiable citizens.

Source: Mutharika says govt to flush out ghost workers using National IDs  | Malawi Nyasa Times – Malawi breaking news in Malawi