Digitization of Justice infrastructure in Ethiopia

The three-phase project will enable entities under the Ethiopian judicial umbrella to have an integrated IT system. In this regard, the project will have a national data center.

In the first phase, a revision of the required specification document and developing a number of systems will be completed. Following this, training for users of the project will be conducted.

In the last phase, requirement specification revision, development, user and administrative trainings will be conducted.

More than ever, the project is expected to address the ever-growing need for statistical data and management information system by the police, prosecutor, courts, correctional institutions and other judicial bodies, reads the project document.

A project management office (PMO) is set to be established to look after the implementation as well as the sustainability of USD 14.9 million National Integrated Justice Information System project. It is to be recalled that a trio of companies: Africom Technologies, ISYX Technologies and ALROWAD IT Solution has signed the contract to undertake the project to digitalize the country’s justice infrastructure— the National Integrated Justice Information System.

Source: Digitization of Justice infrastructure gets new chaperone | The Reporter Ethiopia English