Counting the invisible: Three priorities for strengthening statistical capacities in the SDG era 

Avoid overburdening national statistical systems. The 2030 Agenda acknowledges the potential for reporting overburden and recommends that national statistical systems build on existing reporting mechanisms. The compilation of a 100-indicator basket is considered an upper limit by some countries’ national statistical offices, yet risks stimulating uneven development and excluding certain populations.

Reduce co-ordination challenges between stakeholders. Linked to the challenge of using national data for international monitoring is the need to better align national and international efforts to strengthen statistical capacity. The new data ecosystem requires innovative co-ordination mechanisms and strategies to foster efficient data sharing, interoperability and quality assurance. A coherent, inclusive and politically-backed national statistical plan can guide this process. In 2018, 129 countries were implementing a national statistical plan, an increase of 26% from 102 countries in 2017.

Source: Matters, Development. “Counting the Invisible: Three Priorities for Strengthening Statistical Capacities in the SDG Era.” Development Matters (blog), December 6, 2019.