Kenya’s National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) Goes Live 

For the better part of the past year, 2017, the Ministry od Education was testing an online system in the management of education. The exercise was carried out in about 600 learning institutions, and it appears that that the portal is ready for nationwide rollout. Dubbed the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS), the platform […]

Demographically Identifiable Information

Demographically Identifiable Information, or DII, is defined as either individual and/or aggregated data points that allow inferences to be drawn that enable the classification, identification, and/or tracking of both named and/or unnamed individuals, groups of individuals, and/or multiple groups of individuals according to ethnicity, economic class, religion, gender, age, health condition, location, occupation, and/or other demographically defining factors. DII can […]

De-anonymizing D4D Datasets

Paper by Kumar Sharad and George Danezis at 2013 Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium Recent research on de-anonymizing datasets of anonymized personal records has not deterred organizations from releasing personal data, often with ingenuous attempts at defeating de-anonymization. Studying such techniques provides scientific evidence as to why anonymization of high dimensional databases is hard and throws light on what kinds of techniques […]

IOM’s Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS)

The International Organisation for Migration supports States and government agencies to shape proactive migration policies through improved migration data collection and management. Well-designed border management information systems can tremendously boost the ability of States to manage their borders and to develop evidence-based migration policies. IOM has developed its own Border Management Information System, called the […]

Malawi: connecting national ID to voter registration

Registration of voters will be easy and faster for those with national IDs as it will just involve establishing if the holder is the right owner of the card and then scanning the card on the registration machine to capture the details of the registrant. As explained before, the MEC will conduct voter registration despite the […]

The Sengerema Telecentre

Sengerema district is 1 of 7 districts in the Mwanza region with a population of 663 000. The main economic activities in the district are agriculture, livestock keeping, timber work, fishing, mining, business, and small-scale industry. The main cash crops are cotton, bananas, maize, rice, cassava, and paddy (Mbangala & Samzugi, 2014). The STC is […]

Kenya EMIS ‘moribund’

The recent National Steering Committee meeting made helpful and forward-looking resolutions. That was necessary to cushion the cabinet secretary, whom the public now perceive to be issuing edicts that are not grounded on research since the Education Management Information System (Emis) is moribund. Source: WESAYA: Education reforms ought to be done with all cards on […]

Ghana Government Launches Instant Electronic ID Issuance

In line with the directive from the Government of Ghana to roll out the National Identification System (NIS), the National Identification Authority (NIA) will be responsible for ID card registration and instant issuance across Ghana. The new “GhanaCard” meets all international requirements for identity documents, such as chip-embedded technology and biometric capabilities. This is the […]