e-Gov Africa Forum 2010 – programme details

The programme for the 4th e-Gov Africa Forum in Maputo at the end of March is available here. 2;                  !”                  

EC e-Infrastructure research project launches website

ERINA4Africa (Exploiting Research INfrastructures potentiAl for boosting Research and Innovation in Africa) is an EC-funded project which aims to provide African and EU policy makers with a detailed analysis of exploitable scenarios of existing and new e-Infrastructures in Africa. Due for completion at the end of 2010 at a cost of €450,000, the project, led […]

Call for papers on ICT4D transparency

The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER) is calling for chapter proposals for its next annual anthology which will focus on  “Transparency through ICT – empowering people and communities”.  The intended target audience is both Swedish and development community partners, including civil society. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: Mobiles as […]

Tanzania seeks to strengthen HIV Health Management Information System

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on behalf of the Tanzanian Ministry of  Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), is currently tendering for a major revamp of the country’s information systems handling the response to HIV and AIDS. The purpose of this program is to provide technical assistance to strengthen Health Management Information System (HMIS) […]

“Don’t rely on donors for ICT”

A senior Mozambican minister has said Africa will lag behind in the development of science and technology if the continent continues to rely on donors as major funders of the sector. Mr Venancio Simao Massingue, Mozambican minister for Science and Technology, said Africa can support development of ICTs out of its own resources as long […]

The village scribe project – empowering rural villages

The Village Scribe Association (or more formally the Association for the Advancement of Innovative ICTs for Rural Development) is working on a number of interesting projects in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. The Village Scribe Project is aimed at providing remote rural communities with meaningful access to the internet. As it stands, the […]

UN publishes report on post-conflict public administration

The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs has published Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict: Challenges, Practices and Lessons Learned. Strong on the role ICTs need to play in the communication of information for “citizen-centric service delivery”, the report ignores the need for well-constructed information systems in institution building and the strengthening of public administration […]

Kampala launches new local tax system

Kampala City Council has introduced a new computerised tax system that will monitor and identify new tax opportunities in the city. The global tax information system will require all the five city Divisions to register their businesses at the district so as to determine the number of taxable businesses, identify new revenue opportunities and identify […]

Nigerian judge calls for e-administration of criminal justice

Chief Justice Hassan Gummi has called for Nigeria to embrace ICT for the efficient delivery of justice in the country. “Especially now that it is possible to sit anywhere in the country and coordinate crime in any other state of Nigeria, there is need to embrace the Internet as a tool for justice delivery”, he […]

Rwanda upgrades ID to multi-purpose smart card

Rwanda has launched the next phase of its National ID Project by contracting a British company, De La Rue, to develop a multi-purpose smart card.  According to project coordinator Pascal Nyamulinda, “The services offered will include identification, access to insurance services, bank services and immigration services. ” The production of the cards has already started […]