Housing Demand Databases in South Africa

A number of provinces (Gauteng, Limpopo) and cities are at various stages in launching new housing demand databases. It is not clear whether they are all using the same system, but a National Housing Demand Database is currently being developed by local GIS company Global Image.

ARV Down Referral Patient Management System

Down Referral is a mechanism to increase access to care for large numbers of patients requiring Anti-RetroViral (ARV) therapy.  Down referral to primary health care sites often ensures that patients receive treatment within walking distance of their homes, reducing the financial burden associated with transport and loss of income for clinic visits. In South Africa […]

Ward Committee Data Management System

The South African Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs is currently developing a web-based data management system aimed at expanding and strengthening community based participation in local government. Ward committees are the structure that makes it possible to narrow the gap between local municipalities and communities, since they have the knowledge and understanding of […]

The DREAM Project

Sub-Saharan Africa could soon have medical records of people living with HIV and AIDS patients run electronically, thanks to The DREAM Project which now operates within the framework of the national health systems of several African countries. DREAM has now spread to 10 African countries: Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, the Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau, […]

Question Box

Question Boxes bring information to people who cannot or do not access the Internet directly. Question Boxes leap over illiteracy, computer illiteracy, lack of networks, and language barriers. They provide immediate, relevant information to people using their preferred mode of communication: speaking and listening. As such, Question Boxes combine the ease of using mobile phones […]

Ujima Project

The Ujima Project is a collection of databases, documents and other information that attempts to bring transparency to the workings and spending of Africa governments, multinational non-governmental organizations and business enterprise in African countries. Because few African countries have freedom of information laws, getting at this information from inside the countries can be difficult. The […]

AU Boundary Information System

As part of the Delimitation/Demarcation and Capacity Building Programmes of the African Union Border Programme (AUBP) a Boundary Information System (BIS) is being established in the African Union. The BIS seeks to establish a Database of boundary and border related information relating to all African Countries. Specifically, the BIS being established is aimed at: The […]