‘Who owns what?’ the ISS Database of Politicians Assets and Interests

This online database is the result of two years of research which has yielded almost 6000 records submitted between 2004 and 2008 by elected members in the National Assembly, National Cabinet, Nine Provincial Legislatures and Cabinets as well as the countries six metropolitan areas (cities). For the first time the publicly accessible disclosure forms of cabinet members, MP’s, Members of Provincial Legislatures and City Councillors will be made available through a searchable public database.

This is the first comprehensive database of its kind on the African continent and one of the few examples of such databases internationally. It is hoped that it will prove a useful tool for Researchers, Civil Society, the Media and ultimately promote not only oversight of but also integrity in public life in South Africa. The records were collected with the support of the various public institutions and by and large reflects their commitment to open, accountable governance as envisaged in the Constitution.

The Conflicts of Interest Database and Webportal

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