Uganda: Teacher management information system reveals recruitment problems

A new tracking system has discovered that over 1,500 teachers are due to retire in six months will no recruitment plan by Government. Government schools have a staff shortage of 26,000 – 7,000 at the primary level and up to 19,000 for the secondary school levels. The planned recruitment of 4,000 teachers this financial year was suspended due to limited funds.

A new teacher management information system being developed by the education ministry indicates that a total of 1,579 teachers will be hanging their boots by June 2018. The figure is likely to be much higher since only 20% of the data has been analysed, ministry sources say.

Ironically, the new system also reflects over 1,000 teachers who should have retired years ago still remain on the payroll.

Source: 1,500 teachers exit, as ministry plans to fill 26,000 slots