Tanzania adopts Uganda’s Land Information System

KAMPALA – Officials from the Tanzania land ministry have applauded the Uganda land information centre in combating land-related problems and reducing on time for carrying out land searches. The nine-member delegation from the ministry of land, housing and human settlements was led by Walter Lungu on an induction of the national land information centre and the one-stop centre at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau that handles land information.

The government of Tanzania is adopting the same system Uganda is using to manage issues of land from registration to verification of land title information.

Senior land officer from Tanzania’s land ministry Msafiri Leonard said with the same method in Tanzania, they would have improved revenue collection using the computerised system and improvement in land records.

“We hope to improve on the records on developing integrated land management in Ubongo and Kinondoni municipalities in the area of Dar es Salaam and the coastal zone, before rolling out to the other zones around the country,” said Msafiri.

The lands ministry spokesperson, Obbo Denis, said the delegation from Tanzania was on a visit to learn how to implement the system that had helped Uganda reduce on land-related problems.

The head of land information system programme, Grace Kagoro, while handing over copies of Uganda’s land act to the delegation, urged the visitors to apply the clauses according to the situation in Tanzania.

The national land information centre handles huge volumes of land searches, title transfers and land documentation within an hour. It now takes less than 30 minutes to have a land search at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

Source: Tanzania Officials Laud Uganda’s Land Information System