Rwanda upgrades ID to multi-purpose smart card

Rwanda has launched the next phase of its National ID Project by contracting a British company, De La Rue, to develop a multi-purpose smart card.  According to project coordinator Pascal Nyamulinda, “The services offered will include identification, access to insurance services, bank services and immigration services. ”

The production of the cards has already started and they are expected be ready by the end of the year. “As we integrate the services, we will start with institutions that use electronic systems in their operations. So far only the immigration and emigration department are set for this,” Nyamulinda added. All biometric data required for the new card – digital picture, electric finger print and signature – have already been captured for the existing national identity cards which began to be issued in 2008. Over 95 percent of the population, including those in the diaspora, have already acquired this card.

via Rwandan Development Gateway, 17 Feb 2010