Rwanda plans system for Immigration and Emigration

The Rwandan Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration intends, through a World Bank grant,  to web enable all of its services, including Passports, Visa, Permits, Citizenship, NGO Certificates, Refugee ID, Refugee travel document, Laissez Passer and Foreigner ID Card.  The Rwanda Information Technology Authority is currently tendering for a company to provide:

  • The deployment of online, user friendly electronic forms with advanced features such as online form field filling, capability to save the form, automatic validation before submission, barcodes, and support for encryption and digital signature.
  • Integration with the Directorate’s existing back end systems and databases in order to streamline business processes involv¬ing multiple actors.
  • Delivery of enhanced services to customers such as visa issuance, border registration and archive applications through an interactive web enabled system.
  • Streamlined and coherent e-services by receiving all applica¬tions online, storing data in a central database, routing applica¬tions after submission, retrieving application data using the barcode printed on the form and improving internal processes through automated workflow (being implemented under a separate initiative sponsored by RDB/IT).
  • Online payments using the latest secure checkout technology (to be determined).
  • The capture and routing of relevant migrant information to the appropriate authorities.
  • The establishment of a migrant information center.
  • Online verification of visas by providing the Immigration Officers with an interface that displays visa and migrant data and allows the Immigration Officers to record actions taken at the border.
  • Support for Rwanda’s three official languages: Kinyarwanda, English and French.