Question Box

Question Boxes bring information to people who cannot or do not access the Internet directly. Question Boxes leap over illiteracy, computer illiteracy, lack of networks, and language barriers. They provide immediate, relevant information to people using their preferred mode of communication: speaking and listening. As such, Question Boxes combine the ease of using mobile phones with the enormous information and communication power of the Internet.

Question Box users can use their mobile phones to call our call centers, or they can use the physical Question Box Units to call for free.

We have launched the Applab-Question Box hotline in collaboration with Grameen Foundation’s AppLab in Uganda. This collaboration takes Question Box to a new platform – making the service available directly via mobile phone. 40 Grameen Community Knowledge Workers (CKWs) in the field spread the word to villagers in Mbale and Bushenyi regions. Users make calls from the CKWs’ mobile phones into our call center in Kampala. This program is made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Callers ask questions in seven local languages. Because the Internet is not consistent in Uganda, Open Mind in partnership with Appfrica has developed a local Knowledge Base filled with information on frequently-asked topics. This allows for efficient searches no matter the conditions.