Online livestock auctions in Namibia

THE Agra Cooperative has started a new Internet service by offering livestock auctions online where bidders can buy animals at the click of a mouse – a first for Namibia. The Agra e-Auction service was launched last week and will save buyers and sellers time and money, not having to drive to and from auctions.

Another advantage is that animals will not experience the stress of being transported to and from auctions. “It also gives more buying power, a wider choice and more competitive prices for whatever is sold or bought, covering a much larger area than just an auction,” says AlbĂ© Snyman, Communications Officer at Agra.

The e-auction site offers diverse products like game, commercial and stud animals, property and moveable goods. Sellers register for free, give details of the product for sale and indicate the reserve price.

Prospective buyers can register for free and start bidding by the stipulated increments or by putting in a proxy bid. The highest bidder is notified by e-mail and pays the bid amount to Agra.

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