Mozambique: Presidential campaign online

via Janet Gunter at Global Voices Online

Mozambique will vote to elect a President on October 28. Even before this year’s Presidential campaign officially began in Mozambique, new opposition party Movimento Democrático de Moçambique (Democratic Movement of Mozambique, or MDM) signaled it would take from the “Obama” model of online mobilization. The party set up a Wiki site and a tweet, began putting videos on Youtube, and began using the Hi-5 social network.

Then ruling party Frelimo joined in, creating a group on Facebook, using Youtube, and creating a tweet. (Frelimo also has a Hi-5 group.)

Frelimo also created a professional site called “Frelimo online” that includes text of speeches, photos, and even a chat section. Interestingly, Frelimo’s blog “A Voz da Revolução” (”The Voice of the Revolution”) includes links to critical blogs and even opposition bloggers.

Also new in the Mozambican online world is the blog of President Armando Guebuza, who is running for a second term. His party Frelimo has ruled Mozambique since independence in 1975. Hosted on Blogspot, in the header image of the blog, Guebuza appears dressed informally, without a suit a tie.