Holding Multilaterals accountable – the UNPFII resolutions database

There’s nothing international institutions like better than conferences and resolutions – most of which are totally ignored. Here’s an online database that at least makes an attempt to make an institution accountable for its utterances…

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigineous Issues has, since 2002, held annual two-week sessions which

  • provide expert advice and recommendations on indigenous issues to the UN Economic and Social Council, as well as to programmes, funds and agencies of the United Nations, through the Council
  • raise awareness and promote the integration and coordination of activities related to indigenous issues within the UN system
  • prepare and disseminate information on indigenous issues

With each passing year, the number of recommendations have grown and the forum’s secratariat has developed a monitoring mechanism based on annual reports received from member states and the UN system and matched these against its resolutions in the UNPFII Recommendations Database. The resolutions of the first seven sessions have been broken down into over 1200 separate, structured items. Nine clearly defined fields of information give one access to the original texts, the institutions addressed, the area of work and the status of implementation.

All in all a great public information system. Like most good systems its value lies in its simplicity and the quality of the data input, not the technology.