Ghana’s national identity system on course

The Head of Public Affairs at the National Identification Authority (NIA), Bertha Dzeble, has assured Ghanaians that the Authority will soon establish offices in all ten regions of the country to register all those who in one way or the other, failed to be captured in the on-going registration exercise. “We will establish our district offices and people can, on a daily basis, just like the Birth and Death Registry, go and get registered. So it is not as if, maybe, if you don’t participate now, you are denied registration forever,” she stated.

According to her, the exercise currently going on in the Greater Accra Region has witnessed long queues and delays, leading some people to apportion blame at the doorstep of the NIA, whereas it is not. “There is only a certain number of people we can register a day with the machine, and we cannot exceed it. Also it takes quite some time for people who are filling the forms to get the correct information. We don’t rush them. It is actually delaying the process and creating some difficulty for us, so it takes a long time to process one person at a centre,” she stated.

Madam Dzeble said that after the creation of the national database, “many institutions both government and private, will be using it for the authentication and verification of personal data, and also use it to formulate data for this country to run effectively and develop faster than we have it in the past.”

via The Ghanaian Journal, 9 Dec 2009