Ghana to introduce examinable ICT in senior high schools

To ensure that students at all Ghanaian senior high schools are equipped with the requisite skills for further academic work and the job market, ICT will soon be introduced as an elective subject in senior high and technical schools, hopefully by 2011. Students will take the ICT course for two years.

However the challenges of  preparing  infrastructure such as computer labs and the capacity of teachers to handle the subject effectively still have to be addressed. As one of the steps to deal with the problems  Minister of Education, Mr. Tettey Enyo, said his ministry is collaborating with the Ministry of Communications to provide the requisite facilities to enable schools to prepare and present candidates for examinations in ICT. The 38 colleges of education throughout the country will also benefit from special ICT equipment and internet connectivity with funds from the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC).

via Gifty Mensah at Public Agenda on, 11 Jan 2010