eRwanda develops Information Security Policy

The latest phase of Rwanda’s ICT drive has the government tendering for consultants to consolidate information security policy.

Rwanda has received a grant from the Swedish Government through SIDA for institutional capacity development which is being implemented by the Rwanda Development Board – Information Technology Authority (RITA). RITA is a government institution established by an act of parliament, with a specific purpose to articulate, catalyze, and facilitate the implementation of National ICT policies, strategies and plans, as outlined in the National Information and Communication Infrastructure Policy and Plan. One of the projects in this plan is to establish a National Cyber Security Center and one of the activities under this project is to develop a Government Information Security Policy (policies, procedures and best practices).

The objective of the current project is to deliver a suite of policies and practices that will protect government data and information infrastructures from security breach, and provide controls which enable sensitive information to be kept confidential.

Details of the tender can be found here.