Economic Governance in Senegal

The World Bank is preparing an economic governance project which is aimed primarily at improving the performance of the judicial system in relation to contracts and disputes. Two information systems are part of the wide-ranging proposals: an electronic document platform and a management information system which will enable analysis of the performance of the judiciary.

Electronic Document Platform

The Project will provide technical assistance and capacity building to support the implementation of activities to significantly improve the performance of the Tribunal regional hors classe de Dakar, where eighty percent (80 %) of commercial cases are handled. To that end, the project would finance the purchase of IT equipment and network to establish an electronic platform to exchange, process and archive all the documents necessary in judicial processes. This would help improve the exchange and processing of files between the judges and the greffe du Tribunal regional hors classe de Dakar in terms of processing time and cost as well as reliability and availability. To
support this electronic platform, the project will finance the establishment of an Intranet and a website to make all judicial decisions available to the general public online.

Management Information

Currently, the judicial system does not produce key statistics of access, efficiency, time and cost per decision, etc. The project will provide assistance to design, establish and operate a Management Information System that will allow all users to have key data on the sector’s performance. This system will allow collecting, producing and analyzing key data related to the entire process leading to a legal decision. The data collection and analysis will pinpoint key constraints to a better sector performance, so as to adopt the appropriate corrective measures to improve the justice system’s performance including the necessary reallocation of judicial resources.