EC e-Infrastructure research project launches website

ERINA4Africa (Exploiting Research INfrastructures potentiAl for boosting Research and Innovation in Africa) is an EC-funded project which aims to provide African and EU policy makers with a detailed analysis of exploitable scenarios of existing and new e-Infrastructures in Africa. Due for completion at the end of 2010 at a cost of €450,000, the project, led by the Department of Information Systems and Computing (DISC) at Brunel University, is expected to deliver:

  • A Virtual Observatory mapping the trends of current evolution of e-Infrastructures in Africa and its application to e-Health, e-Government and e-Learning, and its innovation potential for Industry
  • A Foresight Study helping to align directions and ensure coherency in e-Infrastructures policy in Southern Africa
  • Robust results validated by the community, via a series of virtual conferences and local meetings

The project aims to map the demand side of Africa e-Infrastructure potential to understand what projects are being run, with which technology, how it these are financed, who are the partners and what geographical scope. It will also map the supply side to evaluate innovation potential of e-Infrastructures in Africa, in the areas of e-Health, e-Government and e-Learning. Three events (workshops  in Malawi and Rwanda, and a final conference) are planned. The project has close working relations with the eIAfrica and IST-Africa initiatives.