Africa Gathering

Africa Gathering brings technophiles, thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators and everybody else together to talk about positive change in sustainable development, technology, social networking, health, education, environment  and good governance in Africa.


Low-tech ingenuity and microentrepreneurs in Africa.


Appfrica is a web portal for the latest news related to African innovation, education and entrepreneurship in technology.

Google Africa Blog

Google in Sub-Saharan Africa: news, stories and thoughts.

ICTs for Development (CDI)

ICT4DBlog talks about the relation between information and communication technologies and socio-economic development.  Its contributors all have a connection with the University of Manchester’s Centre for Development Informatics, through work and/or study.


Patrick Meier’s international consulting work on the rapidly changing role of information communication technology (ICT) in the humanitarian space and his applied dissertation research on digital activism in repressive regimes.

Mivule Tech – Africa

By Kato Mivule. Very much interested in Information Technology and how it can be used as a tool for development in Africa. On this Blog I will also endeavor to keep track of Western Nations and their contribution to I.T. Development in Uganda, and Africa at large… Are Western Nations ‘working hard’ to help ‘bridge’ the digital divide? I will be documenting Information Technologies as reported in Uganda, both Historical articles, Present and Future… Interested in Open Source Technologies and How they can be enhanced to alleviate Poverty, Ignorance, and Diseases in Uganda and Africa.

My heart’s in Accra

Ethan Zuckerman’s musings on Africa, international development and hacking the media.

Openness, ICTs and Human Development

Open ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) is an hypothesis that starts with the supposition that there is a huge emerging opportunity to improve human lives through ICTs, such as mobile phones and social networking technologies. People, groups, and organizations can interact, communicate, share, transact, produce, participate, innovate, and so on, more than before. And quite often, that is a good thing. For a bit of an outdated, more comprehensive, and equally dry exploration of the idea, check out a 2008 working paper here (pdf).

Pambazuka News:  Blogging Africa

Weekly review of African blogs


Techmasai’s goal is to monitor and consistently profile, interesting technology startups with a focus on Africa.  We write about companies and products which we see as having a  commercial, cultural and developmental impact on the continent.


Ushahidi is a website that was developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout at the beginning of 2008. Ushahidi’s roots are in the collaboration of Kenyan citizen journalists during a time of crisis. The new Ushahidi Engine is being created to use the lessons learned from Kenya to create a platform that allows anyone around the world to set up their own way to gather reports by mobile phone, email and the web – and map them.


Mobile and web technology change in Africa.