East Africa

Airstrips of East Africa

The Aero Club of East Africa was formed in 1927 to promote, encourage and regulate aeronautics in Kenya and to provide information and advice about aviation to all authorities and persons as might be required. As part of its commitment to the East African community it has developed a source of useful information about airfields across the region. The database is for pilots and maintained by pilots and updated by pilots and it therefore relies on you to update your information on the site to build the database of airfields. This can help to make flying in East Africa easier and safer for others.

South Africa

AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences)

AARTO is a standalone module of eNaTIS, with its own website, for the payment of traffic fines. It is currently (Oct 2009) being piloted and is due for national roll-out in 2010.

eNaTIS (Electronic National Traffic Information System)

The eNaTIS (Electronic National Traffic Information System) is a system of the Department of Transport, provided for and partially funded by the nine provinces, which individually own the data of their respective users. The eNaTIS is developed and maintained by Tasima (Pty) Ltd under a contract awarded by the National Department of Transport (Contract RT1194KA).  Tasima provides a turnkey solution, including the bespoke application software, a national data centre, a disaster recovery centre, a national help desk, nine provincial help desks, hardware and networking equipment for sites countrywide.