Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD)

DATAD  is a programme to improve management and access to African scholarly work. Theses and dissertations represent a significant proportion of Africa’s research activity. However, access to this research output is not easy, even within the institutions where they are submitted. Months, years and in many cases longer periods may elapse before papers or other forms of publications describing aspects of the research in these documents can be published. In Africa particularly, they are an under-utilised information resource.

Roster of African Professionals (ROAP)

ROAP’s aims are: to enhance the international visibility of African experts; to facilitate easy access to a rich diversity of African expertise for member institutions, African governments, regional and international organizations that seek professional services of consultants, advisors, and teachers; to enable the AAU identify suitable professionals for its programs and services; and to promote networking and collaboration within Africa’s higher education community.


Academic Registration and Information System (ARIS)

System developed by Universidade Católica de Moçambique, led by Radboud University, Netherlands. For use in all Mozambican universities. See here and here for academic case studies of the project.

South Africa

UPSpace: Research Repository of the University of Pretoria

Full text open access digital research repository of the University of Pretoria.


Uganda Scholarly Digital Library (USDL) at Makerere University

USDL is a collection of scientific research publications by researchers at Makerere University. It is the official Institutional Repository (IR) of Makerere University.