DataCite – What do we do?

We bring together the datasets community to collaboratively address the challenges of making research data visible and accessible. Members of DataCite meet in person every six months at summer and winter conferences, and collaborate in established working groups.

Through collaboration, we:

  • support researchers by helping them to find, identify, and cite research datasets with confidence
  • support data centres by providing persistent identifiers for datasets, workflows and standards for data publication
  • support journal publishers by enabling research articles to be linked to the underlying data

Currently we are working primarily with organisations that host data, such as data centres and libraries.

Assigning persistent identifiers to datasets

By working with data centres to assign persistent identifiers to datasets, we are developing an infrastructure that supports simple and effective methods of data citation, discovery, and access. Citable datasets become legitimate contributions to scholarly communication, paving the way for new metrics and publication models that recognise and reward data sharing.

Initially we are leveraging the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) infrastructure, which is well-established and already widely used for identifying research articles. We take an open approach, however, and consider other identifier systems and services that help forward our objectives. All DataCite DOIs resolve to a public landing page that contains information about the associated dataset and a direct link to the dataset itself.

What do we do? | DataCite.