Gambia plans biometric voter registration

The Gambian Electoral Commission has committed itself to the introduction of a new biometric voter registration system, to be in place before presidential elections in September 2011. Two international companies, CODE Inc from Canada and Zetes from Belgium, have been shortlisted for the contract and are due to conduct a head-to-head mock registration exercise this […]

Integrity of Somaliland voter registration system in doubt

Delays in the holding of elections in the Somaliland region of Somalia are being blamed, inter alia, on the failure of a new voter registration system to produce a credible electoral roll. According to SomalilandPress, The new electoral commission has a difficult job ahead including clearing the mistakes in the voter registration system. A high-tech […]

Nigeria postpones electronic voting

Amid public expectations of measures to be taken to bolster the credibility of future polls in Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday said that it had no expenditure plans in next year’s budget for the much-canvassed electronic voting system. The INEC position, which was expressed by its Secretary, Alhaji Abdullahi Kaugama, at a […]

Nigeria Shelves Electronic Voting

The Nigerian House of Representatives has decided that Nigeria cannot afford to adopt electronic voting now because of the high level of illiteracy amongst the electorate, the “challenge of epileptic power” as well as the huge cost implications inherent in the project. Chairman of the House Committee on Electoral Matters, Hon. Musa Adar,  acknowledged that […]

Ghanaian institute looks to hurry electoral reform

The Danqah Institite, a liberal think tank, is organising a conference in December on the Viability of Electronic Voting in Ghana. The institute is trying to push the pace of electoral reform against the advice of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, which is seeking to implement a biometric registration system but argues caution against moving too hastily […]

African Elections Portal stimulates blogging in Botswana

The African Elections Portal, started as a West African project, has expanded to Southern Africa and is monitoring the elections taking place in Botswana today. It is hosting sixteen first-time bloggers as part of its monitoring process.