African Parliamentary Knowledge Network Launched

The African Parliamentary Knowledge Network (APKN) was formally introduced to the Speakers of the continent’s parliaments at a conference held at the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) on 8-9 October.

APKN is an ambitious project covering a range of issues, each with it own subdomain on the portal. These include: Africa News Monitor (an automated news aggregator provided by the EC Joint Research Centre); Information Society in Africa (a dialogue on legislative issues dealing with the development of an equitable Information Society); Africa Parliamentary Information Exchange (a tool to expand the information base available to national parliaments with regard to cross-national initiatives – the first implementation is a directory of parliaments); a Learning Resource Portal; and a site for Legislative Drafting Guidleines.

Also connected with the project is the Bungeni Parliamentary and Legislative Information System, a collaborative software development initiative based on open standards which utilises the AKOMA NTOSO xml schema for drafting, managing, consolidating and publishing legislative and other parliamentary documents.