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This is the personal blog of Bill Anderson. I am a data standards advisor at Development Initiatives and the Technical Lead for the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). The views I express here are my own.

This is an exciting time to be involved in a range of interconnected issues: transparency, open data, global data standards, interoperable standards, joined-up data, access to information, development effectiveness … In all these areas there are vibrant debates and embryonic ideas on a variety of issues. I believe it is easier to engage freely in these dialectics in an unofficial capacity – hopefully not at the expense of contradicting my official responsibilities.

I originally developed this site while doing consulting work on information systems in Africa – hence the name isiAfrica (and the “isi-” prefix in Nguni languages is also used, inter alia, to designate a language). It was a site dedicated to mapping public information systems in Africa and tracking the progress African countries are making towards taking ownership of the development and maintenance of these systems. While I remain passionate about this subject it has suffered sever neglect due to my other commitments. As I continue to use isiAfrica as a tweet handle I thought I might as well repurpose the blog as well.


You can reach me at bill.anderson @ or on twitter @isiafrica.