$5m wasted on Kenyan National Social Security Fund

In 2006 the Kenyan National Social Security Fund (NSSF) launched a new human resource management, payroll and financial accounting system at a cost of Sh510 million. According to lead consultants Innovex DC it involved “implementation of, perhaps, the largest ICT infrastructure in the region”.

This week the NSSF issued a new tender – to develop the same system all over again.

A November 2008 audit by the Inspectorate of State Corporations on NSSF’s operations found that the ICT project was not functional despite the heavy investment. It had failed to achieve its intended role, among them networking the branches and headquarters. According to the audit, “the implementation of the computerisation project was haphazard and the fund is yet to get value for money put into the project.”

As a result, the NSSF is planning to dump the infrastructure and replace it with a more efficient one. NSSF managing trustee Alex Kazongo this week invited interested local and international companies to bid for the supply and implementation of a new ICT system. Analysts said installation of a new IT infrastructure, which would cost a similar amount as the existing one.

“The overall objective of the consultancy is to implement an ICT system that will meet both the immediate and future needs of NSSF and be flexible enough to meet the changing needs over the next five to 10 years,” says the call for Expressions of Interest.

via Mwaura Kimani of Business Daily (Nairobi) on allAfrica.com