The Impact of Connectivity in Africa: Grand Visions and the Mirage of Inclusive Digital Development

Our review of the evidence suggests that the Internet and other ICTs have not had any undisputed transformational impact on economic development. Instead, the evidence is inconclusive, and positive impacts appear to be idiosyncratic, contingent and variegated. The available evidence base is also inconclusive with regard to connectivity’s role for inequality, and there is even […]

Rwanda to adopt blockchain technology for its land registry

A Swiss cybersecurity company has announced a partnership with Microsoft to support the Rwandan Government in adopting blockchain technology. The deal is part of an ongoing collaboration to turn the East African country into a Blockchain and IoT center of excellence. The partnership was first proposed earlier this year as part of the country’s digital […]

Big Data – Its Relevance and Impact on Industrial Statistics (UNIDO Working Paper)

Several research projects have demonstrated the possibilities Big Data offer to official statistics (UNECE 2016). However, most of the research activities involve satellite images for geospatial use of statistics or mobile phone data to improve tourism and migration statistics. The use of Big Data in an economic sense has not yet been thoroughly investigated and is mostly represented by […]