Ugandan exam results delivered by SMS

Yesterday results of some 513, 219 pupils who sat their Primary Leaving Examinations in 2009 were made known to the public. Over 10% were delivered, for the first time, by SMS. In December last year, the Uganda National Examinations Board announced that it had contracted a local company, SMS Media Uganda Ltd to distribute results […]

Holding Multilaterals accountable – the UNPFII resolutions database

There’s nothing international institutions like better than conferences and resolutions – most of which are totally ignored. Here’s an online database that at least makes an attempt to make an institution accountable for its utterances… The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigineous Issues has, since 2002, held annual two-week sessions which provide expert advice and […]

Mobile-based livelihood services

Mobile-Based Livelihood Services In Africa: Pilots And Early Deployments is a paper by Jonathan Donner, a researcher in the Technology for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research India, presented at a Conference on Development and Information Technologies. Mobile Phones and Internet in Latin America and Africa: What benefits for the most disadvantaged? last October. The […]

SMS-based drug supply management pilot nears completion

A pilot malaria drugs supply management project called “SMS for Life” has Tanzanian authorities excited over its potential. The project, which brings together IBM, Novartis, Vodafone and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, taps into a combination of smart technologies to track and manage the supply of anti-malarial drugs. The initiative uses a combination of mobile […]

Eritrea developing education MIS

The Eritrean Ministry of Education is currently tendering, locally, for the development of an Education Management Information System. They are looking to hire an international expert for 9 days to check their processes. Not a bad way for African countries to wean themselves off externally dominated contracts… via

6th International Conference on eGovernment

The 6th International Conference on e-Government (ICEG-2010), to be held in Cape Town at the end of September, aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations. As controversy rages around issues such as e-Voting and identity cards, so academics, practitioners  […]

Ghana to introduce examinable ICT in senior high schools

To ensure that students at all Ghanaian senior high schools are equipped with the requisite skills for further academic work and the job market, ICT will soon be introduced as an elective subject in senior high and technical schools, hopefully by 2011. Students will take the ICT course for two years. However the challenges of  […]

Ugandan district e-governance project delayed

A Ugandan government plan to wire all district local governments on a virtual platform to popularise e-governance and minimise burgeoning administrative spending has been blocked by Parliament. The House committee on Information, Communication and Technology says it will authorise implementation of the $60 million (Shs114b) project only after officials offer proper accountability for the national […]

Makerere to decentralise using video conferencing

Makerere University has embarked on a programme to decongest the university by opening regional centres across Uganda. Students from rural areas will be able to access lectures via a video conference system at five regional centres. The programme, which kicks off next month, follows an agreement signed on Monday between the university and  Uganda Telecom […]

Gambia plans biometric voter registration

The Gambian Electoral Commission has committed itself to the introduction of a new biometric voter registration system, to be in place before presidential elections in September 2011. Two international companies, CODE Inc from Canada and Zetes from Belgium, have been shortlisted for the contract and are due to conduct a head-to-head mock registration exercise this […]