eRwanda develops Information Security Policy

The latest phase of Rwanda’s ICT drive has the government tendering for consultants to consolidate information security policy. Rwanda has received a grant from the Swedish Government through SIDA for institutional capacity development which is being implemented by the Rwanda Development Board – Information Technology Authority (RITA). RITA is a government institution established by an […]

Centralised admission system for Tanzanian universities

Early this year University Computing Center Ltd (a company fully owned by the University of Dar es Salaam) was awarded a contract to develop a Centralized Admission System to be used by The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). All admission applications to Tanzanian high learning institutions will be done centrally through this system. Currently, all […]

Another murky South African tender?

Are multinational software companies using unqualified BEE front companies in South Africa to win lucrative, and sometimes dodgy, government contracts? Following an outcry over a R153 million ($20m) tender, the South African Department of Trade and Industry has authorised an independent investigation into the awarding of the controversial bid by the Companies and Intellectual Property […]

New HR system for Uganda’s Defence Force

The Ugandan defence ministry has launched a new HR system, which is expected to remove ‘ghosts’ from its payrolls. Before launching the system, the ministry had to deal with bulky paper-work, tinkering by paymasters, inadequate response in case of accidents and ‘ghost soldiers’. The new system is backed by fingerprint security which aims to eliminate […]

The meaning of Ownership

Ranil Dissanayake at Aid Thoughts has a very useful piece on the aid industry’s (and its recipients’) problems with the spirit and letter of the 2005 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. “Working in development among donors or in Government, Ownership is a ubiquitous phrase. It’s a major theme, or at least mentioned, in almost every […]

Livestock Marketing Database for Sudan

GRM International has this year delivered a Livestock Marketing Database to the Government of Sudan’s Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries as part of the World Bank’s Improving Livestock Production and Marketing Project. The system appears to have been developed at a reasonable cost (less than $100,000), but I wonder why a new system had […]

Uganda selects commercial package for HR and Payroll

The Government of Uganda has selected FreeBalance, a Canadian software company, to provide an Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS) as part of the Public Service Reform Programme (PSRP). The FreeBalance solution is a fully integrated web-based human resource information management and payroll system designed exclusively for government. It is a turnkey implementation of  commercial […]

UNCTAD Conference discusses Natural Resource Information Exchange

The 13th UNCTAD Africa Oil, Gas & Minerals Trade & Finance Conference which ends today in Bamako dedicated a session to Natural Resource Information Exchange. Topics discussed included:  Standards, processes and procedures of gathering data; Access to data by third party; Investor access to data; Regulatory framework; Collecting and releasing data; Data management; Tools and […]

$5m wasted on Kenyan National Social Security Fund

In 2006 the Kenyan National Social Security Fund (NSSF) launched a new human resource management, payroll and financial accounting system at a cost of Sh510 million. According to lead consultants Innovex DC it involved “implementation of, perhaps, the largest ICT infrastructure in the region”. This week the NSSF issued a new tender – to develop […]

Nigeria Shelves Electronic Voting

The Nigerian House of Representatives has decided that Nigeria cannot afford to adopt electronic voting now because of the high level of illiteracy amongst the electorate, the “challenge of epileptic power” as well as the huge cost implications inherent in the project. Chairman of the House Committee on Electoral Matters, Hon. Musa Adar,  acknowledged that […]