DocumentCloud will be software, a Web site, and a set of open standards that will make original source documents easy to find, share, read and collaborate on, anywhere on the Web. Users will be able to search for documents by date, topic, person, location, etc. and will be able to do “document dives,” collaboratively examining […]

Calestous Juma and the future of African communications

 from  …My heart’s in Accra Professor Calestous Juma from Harvard’s Kennedy School leads off the annual luncheon series at the Berkman Center with an overview of policy issues surrounding broadband internet in eastern Africa. Professor Juma has been a pioneer on issues around education and technology on the continent, and we’re lucky to have him […]

Social Range – Extending the reach of social entrepreneurship allows you to develop mobile applications regardless of your ability to program a computer. Throughout the world Short Message Service (SMS) and texting takes the place of email and often voice communications. provides a central location for you to experiment with new ideas, aggregate your data from multiple sites, and generate reports on […]

National Early Warning and Response System

from The Executive Director of the West African Network for Peace-building (WANEP), has challenged the government and peace-building partners to adopt a different attitude towards conflict resolution by redirecting their energies and resources towards the utilisation of early warning signals. According to Mr Emmnauel Bombande, the fire-fighting mechanisms that were used to tackle […]